Deborah O'Neill European & American Photos, Paintings & Photo Paintings
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I hope you're packed and ready to go! 

Deborah O'Neill & Rosco 


"I take photos that look like paintings and do paintings that look like photos."  

I love to go places, but it's good to come home to my studio to work on my Photos, Paintings and Photo Paintings. My love for travel is a big part of my creative mix. I travel with a backpack full of cameras, paints, journals and notes. My 19th trip to Europe took place last year and I left fresh footprints in Greece, Germany, Switzerland and the Italian Alps. I can't wait to go again.

I love to paint and I've been dabbling with oil paintings, soon to be unveiled. I also do  acrylics on canvas and Photo Paintingsmy signature art style with center photos and painted mats. I exhibit at 20+ shows a year including the NYC Washington Square Art Festival, the Mystic CT Art Festival, the Scituate RI Art Festival and local Western MA shows like Mattoon Street and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Shows. 

I was born in Northampton MA and I never left. I have a degree in journalism from UMass, and I wrote for a newspaper for several years. I'll soon be writing my new Travel Blog where I'll tell entertaining and factual stories from the road. 

I wanted to design a website that is a creative voyage for all who enter. Explore my collections and I hope they take you somewhere beautiful.